Corridor Press

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Corridor Press is a collaborative lithography studio workshop, committed to producing original, limited edition lithographs made directly by artists and printed by hand.  The studio also offers collectors direct access to many of the editions produced, some  can be seen  on this site many more are available in  the studio gallery. Because Corridor is dedicated to the artist's vision  and  collaborating, we represent a wide range of artistic styles and prices.   All prints are fully documented with satisfaction guaranteed.   Anyone who is interested is welcome to browse here or make an appointment for printing or to look at prints at the studio.

Artists work in collaboration with  Tim Sheesley, who is the owner and Tamarind Master Printer.    Tim has been printing lithographs for more than 30 years and has worked with many artists.

For a partial list of artists Tim has worked for click  here.

To take a look at some available prints click here .